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Welcome to our Service in South Africa webpage.


With your support we are working to improve the education and nutrition at the Tšwelopele Crèche. By equipping the teachers with the proper training, they will become empowered to further their potentials and to also positively enrich the lives of many children touched by their care at the crèche, for years to come. In a small way, we are investing in the future of South Africa, in hopes that by nurturing all the young minds and hearts, they will grow to make a positive difference in their community. Please peruse this PBwiki site to get a better idea of how together, we are to make this happen.


This crèche (or daycare center) is located in the town of Indermark within the Limpopo Province, to the northeast of Johannesburg. 


Check out the map below!


Blessings & Peace!


Tony and Elyse



Our Mission Statement

We seek to enhance the educational and nutritional foundations at the Tšwelopele Crèche through a focus on long-term impacts and by partnering with invested people throughout this global village. While doing so, we will strive for sustainability, both environmentally and financially, transparency, cultural awareness, a sense of holistic well-being, and equality, in all our relationships.

 7 November 2007





2 Jan 2008

Happy New Year! And we are on our way... to the Western Cape. Much love!


29 December

Ok, so we've made new updates. They just keep on coming! Elyse has made many updates on the Gardening and Nutrition page, and I've updated both Personal Expenses and the Project Budget page.


28 December

Several updates today. On the Education page we have posted a list of all the Faranani courses the Tswelopele teachers have taken, as well as those they still need to take (and we will fund); we have also posted a draft teacher contract. On the Project Budget page we have posted the latest (and almost finalized!) project budget (with a very detailed description in MS Word format), as well as our most current project expenses. And finally, we have posted our final Project Timeline.


20 December

Some new Photos....


19 December

We have a new Field Note up, and have also posted new Journal entries. Additionally, the lovely Elyse has posted many new Pictures. Ahh, sweet....


18 December

We've updated the Project Budget page with new expenses, a slightly revised budget, and the list of children's toys we've purchased from Maya Toys. They should arrive on the 20th. We

ve also taken some cool new pictures from atop the mountain (Hanglip) that hovers above our town, but haven't had time to go through them yet. Keep your eyes peeled. Things are coming round to a close....


12 December

Elyse has updated the Gardening & Nutrition page, including soil test results and a garden plan (as two visual layouts).


11 December

A new Timeline, updated Project Expenses and Project Budget greet you today.


7 December

We have several updates today: an updated Timeline, an updated Management Plan, a list of Baby Educational Toys we've bought for the little ones (you'll love these), and some other random updates here and there.


4 December

Updated Project Budget page (Budget, New Project Expenses, and Sepedi story book list).


3 December

We have posted two new Journal entries. Feast on the wonderfullness of it all!


1 December

The new Field Notes are now up. Also, we ave updated our Personal Finances, the Project Expenses, and have also posted a new graph depicting the ever-changing Exchange Rates between South Africa and the USA. And finally, Elyse put a lot of effort into three new albums worth of Photos, so you'd better look at them!


30 November

We have an updated Management Plan, an updated Conceptual Map, and updated Project Expenses. We also have new Field Notes... but I forgot to download them to my flash drive before coming here. Tomorrow, maybe.


21 November 2007

Updated several things today. The Management Plan; the Field Notes page; the Project Budget; Personal Expenses; and added an Education page. We also added a graph depicting the Dollar's slide against the Rand (look for it in the Project Budget). Fascinating!


19 November 2007

Added a new Nutrition & Gardening page beneath the Crèche Project page. It contains information that will guide us in our efforts to upgrade the crèche's garden in a sustainable manner.


15 November 2007

We have updated numerous aspects of the website today. First, the Crèche Project page now has a timeline (Gantt Chart). We have also updated the Conceptual Model. The Project Budget page now has something worth looking at, and we have also updated our Personal Finances page to include source information (i.e., who is paying for what while we stay here). Finally, on this page itself, we have a new map showing where we are! Scroll down and look at it.



Old News


 This is an elevation map of Africa. At the bottom is a detail map of the Soutpansberg (Salt Pan Mountains) region, where we live. An interesting feature not visible on this map is the Tropic of Capricorn, which is about 50km SOUTH of us. In other words, we are tropical! (but barely). This past weekend we drove to Polokwane, a city 100km south, and we passed a tourist spot marking the site where the Tropic of Capricorn crosses N1, a major highway.


 Figure 3. Africa and Soutpansberg Detail Map. We live in Makhado (Louis Trichardt)!


we may be reached at emailtonys (at) gmail (dot) com. [We don't use the symbols to avoid computer programs spamming us!]